The Flourishing Hotel Industry in India
Post G20 and DVSIHM's Role in Shaping Future Hospitality Leaders


The hospitality industry in India has been on a steady rise, especially after the country hosted the G20 summit. The influx of international guests, advancements in tourism, and a burgeoning middle class have significantly propelled the growth of the hotel industry. This blog explores the rising trend and emphasizes how Dewan VS Institute of Hotel Management (DVSIHM) is diligently preparing its students to excel in this thriving sector.

The Hotel Industry Boom Post G20

The G20 summit, hosted by India, brought a substantial influx of international delegates, putting India in the global spotlight. The country showcased its rich culture, heritage, and warm hospitality to the world. This exposure, along with favorable government policies promoting tourism, has led to a surge in hotel investments, infrastructure development, and an upswing in the tourism sector.

In the context of mega global events like the G20 summit, the hotel industry and the hospitality workforce play an indispensable role. Their contributions are pivotal in ensuring the seamless organising and holding such prestigious gatherings.

The G20 summit held in New Delhi, India, serves as a prime example of how the hospitality sector contributes significantly to the success of such events. During this summit, hospitality service providers played a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience for all visiting delegates and dignitaries. They provided top-notch hospitality services and offered a taste of India's rich culinary traditions.

Factors Driving the Growth

1. Tourism Promotion
The Indian government has actively promoted tourism through campaigns like "Incredible India," attracting visitors to explore the country's diverse attractions.

2. Economic Growth
India's rapid economic growth has increased incomes, allowing more people to travel and experience the hospitality industry.

3. Business and MICE Tourism
The rise of business and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) tourism has propelled the need for high-quality accommodations and services.

4. Digital Transformation
The digital era has enabled seamless online booking experiences, providing a platform for hotels to reach a broader audience.

Dewan VS Institute of Hotel Management: Nurturing Future Hospitality Leaders

At Dewan VS Institute of Hotel Management, we are committed to nurturing skilled professionals equipped to thrive in the booming hotel industry. Here's how we achieve this goal:

1. Comprehensive Curriculum
Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cover all facets of hotel management, including operations, guest relations, culinary arts, and more.

2. Practical Training and Internships
We emphasize practical training, ensuring our students gain hands-on experience through internships in top hotels, putting their theoretical knowledge into practice.

3. Industry-Relevant Workshops
Regular workshops, led by industry experts, provide students with insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the hotel industry.

4. Global Exposure
Collaborations with international institutions and exposure to diverse cultures prepare our students for a global career in the hospitality industry.

5. Soft Skills and Personality Development
In addition to technical skills, we focus on enhancing soft skills, communication abilities, and overall personality development. Our aim is to produce well-rounded professionals who excel not only in their jobs but also in customer service and leadership roles.


The G20 summit in India acted as a catalyst, giving the Indian hotel industry a significant boost. This growth trajectory is set to continue, and the need for skilled professionals in the hospitality sector has never been higher. Dewan VS Institute of Hotel Management is dedicated to preparing future leaders for this industry, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and exposure needed to thrive in the exciting world of hospitality.